M4-1900 SNMP Converter


M4-1900 series SNMP protocol can convert any device to SNMP。The product framework is advanced, and most devices require only configuration to complete development work, greatly reducing the development cycle and complexity of development. Support SNMP V1/V2C/V3,modbus RTU/TCP and user special protocol.Products through a variety of certifications.


M4-1900 Suitable for Modbus or any device convert to snmp management.

Support SNMP V1/V2C/V3.

Both cache mode and direct (transmission) mode.

Muti network protocol

User programmable, web, schedule,etc.

Can translate modbus to snmp and snmp to modbus slave.

Cpu 300M Arm9,RAM 64M, flash 128M。

Stable linux platform

Certifications and reliability tests.

SNMP v1/v2c/v3/tls/http/https

Flexible software framework. Convert Modbus to SNMP, and Reverse Convert SNMP to modbus.

Both cache mode and direct (transmission) mode.

User programmable, user special functions, moniport driver, special serial protocol, web.

Multiple Platforms simultaneously acce

Model Specifications Description
M4-1900EM Embedded module A variety of interfaces
M4-1901 100M ethernet port, RS232 serial port
M4-1951 100M ethernet port, RS485 serial port
M4-19252 Dual 100M ethernet port, dual RS485/RS232 serial port Pluggable interface board, extended IO/i2c/spi/udp, etc